Friday, June 26, 2009

1st Division, 14th Corps

So, this week I finished the regimental pages for Baird's 1st Division, 14th Corps. Looks like it will take about a week per division. I also wrote and put up the Methodology page so people can see the work behind the numbers.

I'm kinda sick of spreadsheets and html. I think I'll work on maps this week. I think I'll finish and put up the maps for the beginning of the battle near Jay's Mill, up until Cheatham's Division enters the fight around 12:30.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pickett's Mill

I'm working hard on the Chickamauga Order of Battle. I almost have the Union Army in a format where I can start importing Excel sheets and start making web pages. Last weekend I took a break from the computer and went out to the Pickett's Mill park for a day of ranger tours and picture taking. It was a great trip! Hours of walking through the park, and a ranger led tour that led us off the trails and walking through the woods. Usually a big no-no! Many thanks to the interpretive ranger, James Wooten, for the tour and letting me ask questions and talk his ear off later!

I've put up two pictures on the main Pickett's Mill page of the view Hazen's men had looking up at Granbury's position at the top of the ravine, and a reverse one from Granbury's position.

Back to crunching numbers!