Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've had the contour lines done on the larger Pickett's Mill campaign map for a while. In two days I've knocked out the opposing forces as they stood at dawn on the day of the battle, May 27th 1864.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time for Pickett's Mill

I've spent the last three months working on Historic Imagination products. First, I've released a Civil War scenario book that features eleven fictional scenarios. They are pick-up games, and are not meant to re-fight a specific battle. Instead they allow players to explore tactical situations often encountered during the war without players knowing every detail about the battle beforehand.

I've also released a new line of American Civil War flags, for use with miniature games.

Historic Imagination Civil War Flags

I occasionally have to go off on tangents and work on the money-making aspects of my hobby to pay for the expenses. Enough of that for now. Its time to start work on the Pickett's Mill section. I've been busy on that front on the research side. I've been to the battlefield several times this year, and sat down and talked to the head ranger at length about many aspects of the battle. I can't wait to get started!